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BYU Women's Conference

29 April 2012
I won two tickets to go to BYU Women's Conference through Mormon Mommy Blogs. Dear MMB, I love you forever. Thank you for giving me these chances to go to places I would otherwise not be able to go. My beautiful and patient sister-in-law volunteered to watch Sparrow, I grabbed my friend Angel and packed myself up some sandwiches and off I went.

Anecdote: On Thursday, I took Sparrow for a special breakfast at McDonald's. By the time we made it to my sister-in-law's house in Provo, I felt like I was going to die. I had to throw up in her bathroom. I realized that the last time I felt so sick and threw up was also when I had McDonald's for breakfast. This is the first "food" that I have not been able to digest properly since I had my gallbladder out in October.

After that little detour, I felt much better. Off to the Marriott Center! I had missed the first session, but was armed and ready for battle. I attended a class called "Mormon's Warning: Arming our Homes and Families." I took about 5 pages of notes. This class will probably be broadcast later, so I recommend watching for it.

I found this cute little poster at the BYU Bookstore. It has the "temples to dot the earth" prophecy on the bottom with temple icons in all the cities where temples are.


My favorite part is that the places where temples are under construction are little pictures of missionaries digging a hole. I can't wait to hang it up in Sparrow's new bedroom.


The third session was "And in Her Tongue is the Law of Kindness." It was fantasticalmazing. I can't even describe to you how great that class was. I got to meet up with my friend Amy and she shared a note with me that has changed my life and outlook on raising Sparrow. The presenter, Heidi Jensen, spoke about her crazy 4 year old and it sounded almost exactly like Sparrow. I didn't know that other children were like Sparrow, I thought he was the only nutball. Sister Jensen mentioned that she hadn't wanted to tell some of her story, but the Spirit prompted her to do so. I know that the Spirit led her to tell her experiences just for me. It was wonderful.

I had the opportunity to volunteer on Thursday evening at the concert. I handed out battery-powered candles to the concert attendees. I have never had so much fun. Actually I take it back - I have had this much fun exactly twice before, the last two times I volunteered at Women's Conference. I love serving all the beautiful women and meeting them is so great. I hope that I get to volunteer at Women's Conference every year until I die, and then when I die I hope I die at Women's Conference so I will be happy when I go.

On Friday I missed the first session again because I am talented like that. I attended a class on meaningful prayer, which was very helpful at this point in my life. Prayer is not something I have an easy time with and it is very much something I want to teach Sparrow. I hope he can make prayer a priority in his life, but I know that he only will if I do. So I got some great ideas to help me with that. I also attended a class on anger and dealing with it. Personally I have a lot of little frustrations that ball up and I relieve myself in unhealthy ways (mainly by binge-eating and mindless shopping.) So I have to work on that as well.

The last class I attended on Friday was a class on homemaking, learning and passing on homemaking skills. Homemaking and housekeeping are not the same thing. Housekeeping is the care and keeping clean of a home while homemaking is the spiritual care of the people inside the home. This class was pretty small but the presenters were hysterically funny and it was a fun, fun class. I'm glad I decided to attend that one.

Also, a kind of cool thing, Rosemary Wixom, the General Primary President of the Church, was in attendance at the homemaking class. After the class was over I went up to her and asked if I could get a picture with her and she was so kind and obliged. I bragged to her about Sparrow and his Article of Faith awesomeness and she was really nice and listened to me ramble like a crazy person. It was really neat to meet her - you could feel the Spirit just oozing off her person (and I mean that in the nicest possible way). I am so glad I don't have her job. I can barely handle my one kid, let alone be responsible (kind of) for the spiritual well-being of every child in the church. Yikes.

P1090347 Rosemary Wixom and me, her new BFF.

I am so grateful I got to attend Women's Conference 2012. I had a wonderful time and as always, I learned so much. There is a special feeling at Women's Conference and it is so much fun to learn and serve with the wonderful women there. Thanks again to MMB for sending me! See you on May 1-2 of 2013, Women's Conference!

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