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The horses are ignoring the "Don't Feed the Horses" sign.

25 April 2012
Sparrow and I went to a farm yesterday. We learned that horses will beat each other up in their zeal to get an apple.


They are not, however, interested in your Diet Coke.

Also, geese don't care that your mommy bought you a special turkey sandwich because you asked sweetly for turkey despite never having eaten it before. They will chase you down and steal your overpriced sandwich and bite you on the fingers. I think we're having goose for Thanksgiving this year.

3 comments to The horses are ignoring the "Don't Feed the Horses" sign.:

Allison said...

Geese are EVIL. I was chased by one as a child and have been scarred for life.

Valerie said...

Geese are obnoxious! So are Seagulls~ one of our funniest family memories is of a seagull that swooped down & stole our son's rather expensive sandwich right off the table in front of him. (We were at Sea World). I think he is still afraid of Seagulls & he's 17. :)

Kestrel said...

Oh, those SeaWorld seagulls are THE WORST. They steal food from right off your plate! I can't believe how brazen they are.

I have never been bitten by a goose but I always ran away from them when they got too close. Toby is much too friendly for his own good.