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We moved.

15 May 2012
We moved. And we survived.

I know. You're shocked, right? Me too.

We got a call on April 27 that we had been accepted for a townhouse about 3 blocks from the old place. Then we got another call that we'd been accepted for a house with a yard in west Draper. After MUCH deliberation and soul searching, we decided to take the cheaper, smaller townhouse. Thinking it would be in our same stake at least.

Nope. Totally different stake. I was so upset.

This is one of those things you probably shouldn't post on the Internet, but I'm going to anyway. We didn't pay our last month's rent for the old house. We decided we weren't giving the owner one more penny - especially since he cost us 4 houses that WERE in our ward because he wouldn't let us out of the lease even one month early. And it's not like he was using the money to pay his mortgage. So our cleaning deposit went to our final month's rent, and we made sure to scrub the place hard before we left. I really loved that home. Hawk loved that home. We cried and cried when we locked the door for the last time.

We moved here on Wednesday and we are...tired. Tired and disappointed. This place is cheaper, and it's a big step down from where we were. The house is built on a slant, so everything is, well, slanted. The doors all shut themselves because of the slant. The landlord said she would clean before we moved in, but we must have drastically different clean standards because the oven is nasty, there are black marks and grease marks all over the walls, the fridge is grody, and there's nails and nail holes everywhere. The carpets were very clean though. Toilets, not so clean.

I ended up painting the master bedroom because the previous tenant painted it navy blue while he was drunk. It was a great paint job, let me tell you. it took me 9 hours of painting but I got it to a neutral, tannish-yellow color. I hate it but it's okay and anything is better than that blue.

I am glad we have a home. I am glad we are still in Draper. I am very upset to have had to leave our old home and that we're no longer in my favorite ward ever. I'm upset that this happened in the first place. We will not ever move again (of course, we said that about the old house too) - at least, not until we can buy a house. With any luck that will be in the next 2 years. And when we move, we're hiring movers.

I do have a HUGE bathtub for the first time in my life and I am very excited about that! We also have hot water for the first time in 3 years (our old house was an instant water heater and it did not work.) We have a washer and dryer that get clothes clean and dry on the first run! Woo!! And our bedroom has a ceiling fan, so that is nice too.

I'm trying to be positive. I really am. This post doesn't sound like it because I had to stop by the old house one last time today because we forgot something and it was hard to walk in there and see my home without me. 21 Ann Arbor Drive, you will always be my favorite place. I love you.

And Jeffrey D. Baker of California, I hate you and you ruined my life. I hope you are eaten by rabid zombie wombats.

As long as I'm badmouthing here, let's just add the final touch. Never EVER rent from CDA Properties. They are horrible and never answer their phones or return phone calls. Worst rental agency I have ever dealt with.