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Sparrow's Room - Updated!

31 August 2012
I just had to show you pictures of Sparrow's updated room. We didn't change anything except that we finally got the crown moulding up over his map, so it looks like it's in a picture frame!


We measured the map, cut it at Home Depot, and brought it home. My mom had a miter saw which we used to make the corners angled like a real picture frame. Unfortunately, my dad and Hawk measured the wood or got the angle wrong or something. But luckily Sparrow's bed blocks off a corner of the map where there's a good 2 inch gap between wood pieces. None of the corners came together, but I folded pieces of paper into triangles and painted them the same color as the wood, and you can't even tell.

Right? Right??

We printed out two 11x14 pictures of Sparrow dressed as a missionary and put them up on the sides of the wall. I think it really brought the room together. I wish now that I had gotten brown frames, or painted the map frame black to match the rest of the room, but oh well. It matches the bed and I had a ton of Semi-Gloss Bittersweet Chocolate paint to use up!



Now his room is finished! Hooray!

Now I should probably work on the rest of the house.

1 comments to Sparrow's Room - Updated!:

Angela Noelle said...

Oh, THIS ROOM! I've been here before. Very cool.