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Weirdest Cats Ever

10 August 2012
We are the proud parents of two of the weirdest cats on the planet.

Bamboo came to us via Craiglist in 2007, two days before we planned to move 1300 miles. (Coincidentally, I am not allowed to go on Craiglist or the Pet classified section of our local newspaper anymore. I'm also not allowed to visit pet stores unsupervised.)

When we brought Bamboo home, he meowed at us all the time. I thought it was because he was lonely, so we found Panda (also via Craigslist). Panda was...well...damaged. He didn't know how to purr. It hurt my feelings that I couldn't make a kitten purr. It took over a week before he figured it out. He would also get lost in the one-bedroom apartment we stayed in when we first moved to Arkansas. He still gets lost, but it's not so pathetic because we're in a 3 story place now. We'll sometimes hear him yowling upstairs and yell "we're down here!" and he'll come bounding down the stairs like "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONED FOREVER."

Our cats are both ridiculously needy. I have never met such friendly, love-needing animals. They don't understand that they are supposed to be aloof. Bamboo will literally yell at me if I don't pick him up when he wants to be held. Bamboo and Panda were born only a week apart, but they are so different. Panda is challenged in the brains department. Bamboo is a freaking super-genius and scares me sometimes. His currently trick is pulling up the vents on our floors so he can go into our ducts. He also enjoys opening drawers and doors.


But Bamboo's favorite place is in the shower. With me. I took my camera into the shower so I could document this.


Both cats love baths and will stalk Sparrow in his bathtub. Heaven help me if I decide to take a bath - then I have to deal with swimming felines. Bamboo, once he is wet, will chase his tail until he is so dizzy he falls over.

It really is like living with dogs.

Despite their total and complete weirdness, I love these two babies with all my heart. They were my only friends for MONTHS when we lived in Arkansas and would follow me into the bathroom every time I threw up, nuzzling me and meowing to ask if I was okay. I often wonder if the reason they are so loving is because I was pregnant right after we got them, and maybe my hormones changed something about them. (It's a documented fact that animals can sense pregnancy and some animals' brains send out chemical signals to chillax around pregnant women.)

Sparrow is just 4 months old here

Sparrow loves them too. Bamboo doesn't like Sparrow much but tolerates him. Panda thinks Sparrow is his little brother. Panda would go to the ends of the earth for Sparrow.

But Panda would also go to the ends of the earth to hoard our shoes, so who knows with that weirdo.


1 comments to Weirdest Cats Ever:

Andrea said...

Haha, I love it! I came over from Mormon Mommy Blogs. What would life be like without crazy cats?