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A Photo Essay

26 September 2012
hands 3

ALL HUMAN BEINGS—male and female—are created in the image of God.

Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.

Toby 011


The divine plan of happiness enables family relationships to be perpetuated beyond the grave.

Columns 1

Sacred ordinances and covenants available in holy temples make it possible for individuals to return to the presence of God and for families to be united eternally.


THE FIRST COMMANDMENT that God gave to Adam and Eve pertained to their potential for parenthood as husband and wife.

HUSBAND AND WIFE have a solemn responsibility to love and care for each other and for their children.

Nate Kris 2

THE FAMILY is ordained of God. Marriage between man and woman is essential to His eternal plan.


Extended families should lend support when needed.


WE CALL UPON responsible citizens and officers of government everywhere to promote those measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as the fundamental unit of society.

Read the full Family: A Proclamation to the World here.

My Review of Sakura Bath Bomb

21 September 2012

Originally submitted at LUSH USA

In Japanese, Sakura means Cherry Blossom, the gorgeous white and pink flowers that bloom for just a brief period of time in the Spring. Relax into the warm water as the pretty pink and blue sea salts dissolve just like your cares. Imagine cherry blossoms softly falling as you inhale the fragrance o...

Phenomenal cosmic scent, ittybitty fizzy

By Krisis from Draper, UT on 9/21/2012


4out of 5

When you survey your stash, you label this product: Must-Have

Pros: Relaxing, Smells Great, Soothes Irritated Skin, Softens Skin

Cons: Boring

Best Uses: Gift, Decorative, Bath, Use As Potpourri

Describe Yourself: Normal Skin, Sensitive Skin

Sakura is the first LUSH product I ever tried, way back in 2006. To my disappointment, the scent didn't linger on my skin very much.

Now it's 2012 and I can't find any bath bombs I love more than Sakura. The scent is just intoxicating. I love, love LOVE that scent. I buy 2-3 extra Sakuras and put them in my underwear and sock drawer. They make my clothing smell extra delicious.

No, the scent still doesn't linger on skin very long. It does linger in my bathroom though which is great because I'm the only woman in my house. My son (age 4) came in to my bath tonight and said "Oh Mommy, that smells DELICIOUS." He made me promise I would let him have a LUSH bath tomorrow.

It's boring as bombs go. There are no surprises, no glittery, no colors. It just smells really good. If I want something pretty to look at, I will opt for a Sex Bomb over Sakura. But Sakura's clean, crisp scent draws me back over and over again. I love that smell so much.


BYU Rocks!

17 September 2012
Today I took my chirping Sparrow to BYU. I have been thinking about attending school again once Sparrow starts kindergarten and I wanted to walk around campus and re-acquaint myself. The last time I attended BYU I was 17 and had severe panic attacks on campus, so I figure if I start acclimating myself now, by Fall 2013 I should be able to go to classes without having heart attacks.

I'm really excited to go back to school, but social anxiety makes it hard. My biggest regret is failing out back in 2004. Granted, I was just a kid and I was not diagnosed and basically just thought I was crazy and a loser for not being able to make myself go. But I wish I had gone to a doctor and gotten help rather than hiding from my classes.

Anyway, Sparrow made a little flag to carry around with us on campus. It says "BYU Rocks!" We got lots of smiles from students and he enjoyed showing off his flag-waving skills. Sparrow informed me that he really wants to go to BYU when he's older "maybe 6!" I told him he had to be a little older than that, and he conceded to go "when I'm 22!" Sounds good, Sparrow.

We had a good time. Next time we go back, I think we are going to make a huge batch of cookies and pass them out to unsuspecting hungry students. Booyah.


Birthday presents and Etsy

14 September 2012
My favorite Etsy seller has completed a new set of Book of Mormon hero pictures! I love them. Of course I had to buy them immediately (good timing, making them available on pay day) but I'm out of space on Sparrow's walls. So if she makes any more, we're going to have to move to a bigger house. (Start packing, Hawk!)


If I had a girl, I would be all over her Bible Girls sets. I had a hard time as a little girl feeling like there were Biblical heroines for me to aspire to. I love that these are available. What great role models for our daughters!

il_fullxfull.319898927 I especially love the Esther one. Sparrow's favorite Bible story right now is Esther. My 7 year old sister is named Esther too.

While we're on the subject of Etsy, I just found the perfect birthday present for my soon-to-be-16 sister. I think she's going to love it. I'm pretty excited about it. I'm still searching for the best birthday present ever for my dad though. He's pretty old, so I'm not sure what he'll enjoy. You know, with the limited time he has left on this earth and all. Heh. Heh heh.

My best friend Dove's daughter turns 3 on Monday. For her birthday, Sparrow and I took her to Fotofly where we had her portraits done. We had to squeeze Sparrow into a couple of pictures because he and Chickadee are betrothed. These will be great to stick on their engagement pictures in 20 years!





Simple Treasures Boutique party!

10 September 2012
My friends, I have some good news and bad news. The bad news is, you only have 1 month and 24 days left until my birthday. The good news is, you still have time to get me a present!

Where better to go shop for me than at the Simple Treasures Boutique? There will be over 100 vendors from all sorts of crafting ninjas - who knows what you will find? The possibilities are endless!

This is the Simple Treasures Boutique's 12th year and it promises to be one of their best years ever! This year the boutique will be held on September 19-22 at the Legacy Events Center in Farmington. The grand opening on Wednesday the 19th will be from 10a.m. to 12 p.m., and there will be treats and a treasure hunt!

Of course, the boutique itself is kind of the ultimate treasure hunt. I'm kind of a sucker for craft fairs so I am pretty excited to attend this. I'm planning on forcing my mom and grandma to go with me. When the three of us get together, we always have a blast, and we're all in love with crafty stuff like you find at Quilted Bear and the like. I'm really excited to have a Girl's Day Out with my family. And I hope I find some good Christmas presents for some certain people in my life!

Make sure to check out the Simple Treasures Boutique's Facebook page for giveaways and details.

In addition to all this awesomeness:

  • You can win a $50 gift card by texting "treasure" to 24587
  • Admission is $1
  • There is a Central Checkout, so you only have to check out once! Whew!
  • All Major credit cards are accepted
  • Hours are W-F 10am to 8pm and Sat 10am to 6pm

Will I see you at the Simple Treaures Boutique? I'll be the one making my kid carry all of my bags. I'm mean like that. If you spot me, come over and say hi! I hope to see you there. It's going to be AWESOME. Remember, good opportunity to get me a birthday present!

Okay fine. I guess you can get your Christmas presents there too. Sigh.

Post Sponsored By: Simple Treasures Boutique.

Struggles with Social Anxiety...Again.

07 September 2012
I can't read the answers if I can't see the page
I'm driving blind and the landscape doesn't change.

These last few months have been rough, but the last week or so has been murderous. It's not easy to struggle with a disease that people can't see, a disease that some people don't even believe in. Social Anxiety Disorder is a bitch, my friends. Moving to a new neighborhood has nearly killed me. It is a very active neighborhood, with people everywhere. I should be happy about this. I should be thrilled that Sparrow has the potential to make friends.

And instead, I shut all the blinds and pray that nobody knocks on my door.

I should be attending my church meetings and getting involved in my new ward. I should be getting to know people and volunteering my endless free time. I should be friendly and outgoing.

Instead, I lie awake all night Saturday and have panic attacks on Sunday morning. And then I either go to church and have panic attacks throughout the 3 hour meeting block, or I stay home and feel guilty and awful that I have, once again, missed my chance at fellowshipping for the week.

I take medication for depression and anxiety (I've had my share of medication struggles too, which you can read about here), but lately it hasn't been doing its job as well. I've also been much busier this week with social engagements. It's even hard for me to be around family, and this week was a very family-oriented week.

I wait for my vision but it never comes...
I'm driving blind through this barren land.

I remember when I realized I had Social Anxiety Disorder. I was 14 and we had just moved to a new state. One day after a torturous panic-ridden day at school I was browsing the psychiatry books in the county library and happened upon a book called Social Anxiety Disorder or something. I read it and was so excited. Someone understands! Someone knows what I'm going through! When I tried to talk to my family about it, I was given these wise words of advice:

Get over it.

That was 11 years ago. (And I have been officially diagnosed since then, so it's not a 14 year old's guess.) I've tried to get over it. I'm trying. If it were that easy, I would be over it. I don't know why I was given this trial. I hate this trial. I hate whatever lesson I am supposed to learn from this. I spend days pissed off that God would let me struggle on with depression and anxiety and an autistic child. It's too much for me to handle. It's too much.

...I never knew it could get this dark.
I can't read the answers if I can't see the page.
I'm driving blind behind this bitter rage.

I spend days wishing I had cancer or lupus or polio or anything but this. Something visible, where people could see and understand that there is something wrong me. Instead, I look normal on the outside and people wonder why I'm so aloof, standoffish, or flakey. I tell people that I'm sick, but it's obvious that I'm perfectly healthy on the outside.

I want my diseased brain to go away. I want a normal life. I want a normal outlook on life.

I've been so lonely and ain't it sad
to be missing something that I never had?
And I've been so blind and now I'm paying the cost.
How can I find what was never lost?

And while I'm praying for things that will never happen, I would also like to have a normal child. This autistic stuff is total crap.

I got no direction, no change in lanes.
I'm driving blind and pushing through the pain.

God will never test you above what you are able to handle?

Bad news. That statement is a lie.

Lyrics taken from Driving Blind by Grace Potter, which you can view here.