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BYU Rocks!

17 September 2012
Today I took my chirping Sparrow to BYU. I have been thinking about attending school again once Sparrow starts kindergarten and I wanted to walk around campus and re-acquaint myself. The last time I attended BYU I was 17 and had severe panic attacks on campus, so I figure if I start acclimating myself now, by Fall 2013 I should be able to go to classes without having heart attacks.

I'm really excited to go back to school, but social anxiety makes it hard. My biggest regret is failing out back in 2004. Granted, I was just a kid and I was not diagnosed and basically just thought I was crazy and a loser for not being able to make myself go. But I wish I had gone to a doctor and gotten help rather than hiding from my classes.

Anyway, Sparrow made a little flag to carry around with us on campus. It says "BYU Rocks!" We got lots of smiles from students and he enjoyed showing off his flag-waving skills. Sparrow informed me that he really wants to go to BYU when he's older "maybe 6!" I told him he had to be a little older than that, and he conceded to go "when I'm 22!" Sounds good, Sparrow.

We had a good time. Next time we go back, I think we are going to make a huge batch of cookies and pass them out to unsuspecting hungry students. Booyah.


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