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My Review of Trichomania

13 October 2012

Originally submitted at LUSH USA

Delightfully coconutty, this is the shampoo for those of you with dry, over-processed and flyaway hair that need help putting it back in its place. Not only does the creamed coconut smell delicious, it moisturizes your hair and weighs it down just enough so that it's not frizzing all over. Use ...

Great for autistic kids

By Kris the Mommy from Draper, UT on 10/12/2012


4out of 5

When you survey your stash, you label this product: Life-Saver

Hair Type: Very Curly Hair

Pros: Adds Shine, Gentle, Cleans Thoroughly, Lathers Well, Adds Volume

Cons: Smells Bad

Best Uses: Thinner Hair, Curly Hair, Daily Use

Describe Yourself: Minimalist

I have a 4 year old son, Toby, who is autistic. Every single day since he was born in Jan 2008 we have had a tantrum at bath time. Every SINGLE day, bloody screaming like I'm murdering him when I wash his hair. He can't handle the liquid feeling on his scalp or something. It's awful. But his hair is super curly and very fine and it needs to be washed daily or it gets matted.

So I popped into the Salt Lake City LUSH store the other day and asked for a sample of the best solid shampoo for fine, curly hair. This is what I was given. It has lasted for almost 3 weeks for a relatively small sample size, which is amazing. My son has shorter hair, but still, for getting it wet daily it hasn't melted at all.

Toby's hair is clean and beautiful. It curls up fantastically and his reddish gold hair color has brightened up vividly.

Thank you so much LUSH. You have saved my days. No more do we have daily bath time tantrums. For the last 5 days, Toby has actually ASKED for me to wash his hair. You have no idea the change this is. I could cry of happiness.

The only problem is that I think Trichomania smells like death. It is reminiscent of coconut creme pie...rotten coconut creme pie. It makes me gag when I smell it. So I am going to try a different scent. But dear heavens, LUSH, thank you for making solid shampoos. I only wish I had figured this out 4 years ago.


2 comments to My Review of Trichomania:

LCannon said...

well, congratulations on finding something that works for Toby; sorry about the smell though

Mrs. Small House said...

I might have to try that on the 2 year old.