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Sesame Street Aliens costume

27 October 2012
Way back in 2006, when I was young (19!) and engaged but not married and had a great group of friends, my roommate (now known as one of my closest friends, Dove, whose daughter is going to marry Sparrow in 20ish years) made us these amazing costumes.

Temples 001

Yes, she made them by hand. They were FANTASTIC. We were the "yup yup" aliens from Sesame Street and we were epic. The looks of awe we got, I tell you. It was the best costume EVER.

The only problem is, the fabric we used to make the aliens shed. A LOT. By the end of the night, we were blind from fur fuzz in our eyes. The pain was worth it though.

Temples 003 Ah, the brave Kris: cruelly slain by fabric fuzz.

The mouths are made of black mesh which we could see out of, but people couldn't see through. Then the mouth itself has a wire coat hanger strung through it so we could move the mouths and say "yup yup you, yup yup me, yup yup baby yup yup family!" I wish I knew what happened to the costumes but I suspect they were disposed of since the fur was so ... furry.

Temples 009(1)SuperHawk trying to kiss his Fiancee (me!) through the alien face. Did not work.

Thanks Dove. You always make the best Halloween costumes, but 2006 was the best Halloween ever thanks to you.

1 comments to Sesame Street Aliens costume:

K La said...

Definitively the best costumes I've ever made...for pictures. Not for wearing. Oh! They were so painful to wear! The Fuzz in my eye!