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Utah scenery

02 October 2012
Utah is beautiful. There's just no getting around it. I mean, all places have beautiful spots, but Utah seems amply blessed with those. Here's a bunch of pictures taken over the last week. Have I mentioned that Autumn is my favorite season? Yeah, when I am in charge of the universe, I am making Autumn year round.

Sparrow at Stewart Falls in Sundance, Utah.

Stewart Falls.

Sparrow loved the logs on our long, long walk to Stewart Falls.

I love my mom and dad, but they suck at nature-walking. They basically RAN through the trail as fast as they could, leaving me no time to point out leaves, trees, or bugs to Sparrow. And no time to take pictures either. Next time we go on a hike with them, we're not going on a hike with them.

See how they aren't stopping? Dah!

It was very beautiful though.

A beautiful sunset from the other night, which evolved into...

The sky is on fire!

3 comments to Utah scenery:

Mrs. Small House said...

I love living in Utah.

Van and Cherilyn said...

Wow! You got some awesome pictures!

Utah Best said...

Those are some awesome pictures! I love Utah and everything about it, visit my blog to see why I love Utah experienceutah.blogspot.com