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Snapshots from November

08 November 2012
It's November, and you know what that means...

National Novel Writing Month!

I've participated in NaNoWriMo in 2004, 2010, 2011, and now 2012. Because I'm OCD, I completed my novel all 3 years. This may be the first year I don't finish. I'm very behind on my word count because I hate my novel. I've never started hating a piece of writing so early on before - it usually takes at least 2 weeks before I want to shoot myself and/or my computer. I should just start over, but it's November 8! I would be so behind! I know, first world problems.

IMG_1064 My birthday breakfast - Diet Coke and cake batter pancakes with Rainbow Chip frosting. Yeah, I only ate half before I went into a sugar coma. But it was a delicious sugar coma.

I turned 26 on November 6. Everyone was more concerned with some "President of the United States" thing than ME, which was highly insulting. However, I am nothing if not magnanimous, so I forgive you all. You can send checks or cash to me to make up for it. Being 26 looks good on me, if I do say so myself.


I have high hopes for this year too, as I prepare to attend college for the first time since (holy cow) 2005. I just got my backpack, notebook and pens and I cannot wait till January. I am singlehandedly tying up all of BYU's classes by registering for 18 of them, realizing I should take a lighter load for this semester, and deleting. And adding again. And dropping again. This takes up a lot of time, which is one reason I'm so behind on my novel.


Sparrow has started attending Early Intervention preschool through our school district. He has only gone for 7 days total so far, so we haven't seen any improvement (but we also weren't expecting any, at least till February.) Apparently, he is hitting, kicking and scratching when he is at school. He does not do that at home, so we're not sure how to help it. I feel so bad for his teacher. She is a brave, brave woman.


He's so smart in some ways, but at the same time he is so ... dumb. He is obsessed with counting right now and recognizes numbers up to 100, and can insert numbers into a sequence. But he can't draw a line, circle, or color even close to inside lines. He doesn't understand consequences AT ALL which is awful and frustrating as a parent and as a person. He is very innocent when it comes to interacting with other children, which is painful to watch sometimes as kids his age are purposely secluding him or making fun of him and he doesn't understand why. But he's also very manipulative when it comes to interacting with adults. I have a plan to develop patience in my 26th year BUT IT HASN'T WORKED YET UGH.


Anyway, Sparrow adores school, even though he's in trouble all the time. He loves it and it's the highlight of his day. He has started riding the bus too - we live near to the school, but the bus is free and it will give me a little extra time when I start school in January. He loves the bus too. He attends school for 2 hours Monday-Thursday and it's been an adjustment for me because I actually have to get up and get dressed (painful.) I have been going to the gym at Hawk's work every day and that has also been painful, although beneficial. I'm not seeing any results yet which is not helping with my patience goal, but maybe someday. Soon. Or I'm going to throw that scale at someone's head I swear it.

And that is our November so far. Coming up in November are my little brother and sister's birthdays (ages 6 and 8! They are getting so old!), my little sister's baptism, Thanksgiving, getting caught up on my word count, obtaining PATIENCE FOR THE LOVE OF CANADA, and generally surviving with everyone's sanity intact. It's a dirty job but somebody's got to do it. I volunteer Hawk for the job.

IMG_1177 This is one of my all time favorite scriptures. I thought this picture turned out neat, so I'm sticking it here. You're welcome.