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Twas the Night Before Christmas as told by a 4 year old

08 December 2012
Three days ago I was shopping for some pajamas in K-Mart when Sparrow said "Mom, I'm going to do the Night Before Christmas." "Uh-huh," I said distractedly.

Then he started reciting it.

The entire thing.

I almost fainted in the socks aisle. I have never read this poem to him. Hawk has read it a few times but never THAT much.

Sparrow's memory is insane and continues to terrify + amaze me. Remember, he's only 4 and he is on the autism spectrum, so this stuff he can do, well it's kind of a big deal.

Tell me this doesn't impress the pants off you. Whew! This is totally unrehearsed, unpracticed and un-anythinged. I did have a copy of the poem next to me to see if he was doing it right, but it didn't have any pictures or anything so Sparrow didn't 'read' it or see it at all. (I say this in the interest of full disclosure, as you can hear the page rustling a few times.)

2 comments to Twas the Night Before Christmas as told by a 4 year old:

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

I am VERY impressed!

Stephanie said...

I am amazed. My parents are too. :) Very impressed!!