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We Believe in Santa

02 December 2012
Sparrow's at a fun age for Santa. We're trying not to make a huge deal out of it, and we're doing a daily devotional to try and keep Christ in the center of Christmas, but it's been fun. We had our pictures taken at Fotofly Santa on Friday and they turned out really cute!

Oh, and we survived November. It was not a fun month. But now it's December, yay!


2012-0767-11That's Hawk in the Santa suit, by the way.

2012-0767-8 This is my favorite. Classic Sparrow.

2012-0767-1 He's getting so grown up!


Hawk wants "something awesome" for Christmas. This is what I have to work with every year, people. It drives me nuts. Sparrow wants a Wreck-It Ralph toy and a My Little Pony RC car. He's getting an Imaginext Castle because that's all he plays with at his school and that's what I bought before he changed his mind to the other stuff.

Me? I want a hedgehog. No, I REALLY want a hedgehog. My whole life I've wanted a hedgehog and some recent cute pictures of hedgies circling the Internets have brought the desire back full-force. I'm also in the market for school supplies, clothes, and gift cards so we can afford our upcoming Disneyland trip!

P.S. Perhaps you were one of the 42 people who viewed my post "On Faith and Learning Lessons" last week and are now wondering where the post went. I got a ton of hits in a very short time on that post. But after posting it, I felt uncomfortable about sharing it on the Internet. Maybe after some time has passed I will post it again, but for now it's too sacred an experience for me to publish randomly. I'm happy to share via email if you're curious mostly because I hate it when bloggers post stuff and then take it down, but yeah. It's not going back on the blog for at least 6 months.

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