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5 Year Pictures

19 March 2013

I'm a little late in getting Sparrow's 5 year portraits done (because Hawk said we already had ENOUGH pictures of him turning 5, what with the Disneyland trip and all.) But then I found out that a local photography studio had baby bunnies for Easter and I had to hold baby bunnies so I sneakily booked a session. I don't know why I think I'm being sneaky since we only have one bank account and Hawk is the one in charge of it. But whatever - I held baby bunnies!


Oh, Sparrow? He didn't like the bunnies. He was, in fact, petrified of the bunnies. I have never met anyone who was so scared of bunnies in my life. I did not know it was possible to be afraid of bunnies.


Actually, he was so well behaved I thought maybe aliens had stolen my child. Sparrow is notorious for being hard to get good pictures of, because he can't hold still, look at the camera and smile at the same time. Only recently has he gotten this figured out and he still usually gives this weird cheesy grin thing which I don't like. He's really cute he's just hard to photograph. When I buy cameras I have to make certain to get one that can take rapid-burst pictures and then I have to go weed through 50 pictures to find the one where he did not have his eyes crossed or his tongue hanging out. So anyway, yay for photography studios who take great pictures, are reasonably priced and have baby bunnies.


I used to feel guilty whenever I took Sparrow to a portrait studio (every 3 months his first year and then every 6 months until last year.) But I don't feel guilty anymore. Because he is my only child, he will always be my only child, and how much longer am I going to get to dress him up in whatever I want and make him be cute? My time is numbered. Soon he will be a surly teenager and he'll shave his curly hair off just to spite me and he'll paint his eyeballs black.


And I just realized like two days ago that I have approximately five pictures of Hawk and I during our first year of marriage. That is so sad. That is ridiculous. Don't be like me. Someday you will be old (like me) and will want to look back and see what you looked like when you were newlywed or pregnant or 22 and you will look and there will be no pictures. And you will be sad. And then you will remember I told you so, because I can see the future.


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