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Bionic Thumb

18 March 2013
Hawk sprained my thumb. It happened 10 days ago and my hand hurt so bad all last week I thought I would die, but I figured I was just being a wuss. It got worse over the weekend so I went to the doctor today. Just a sprain. Nothin' they can do. Take Ibuprofen. Oh, and tape thumb to Popsicle stick for 2-3 more weeks. So now I am walking around with a stick-thumb. I have been aiming the stick at Hawk and trying to give him splinters. Which is perhaps part of the reason I ended up with a stick-thumb anyway. I'm like the early prototype of the Bionic woman, only much lamer. (I was just trying to lighten my husband's mood by tickling him. I have learned my lesson. Tickling = Sprained thumb. Next time I tickle, I will tape up my hands first.)

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