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Kindred Spirits

05 March 2013
Today is my grandma's birthday! Sparrow and I were going to go visit her today. He made her a special card in preschool (for him, that is a huge deal. He does not like to do arts/crafts things very much, and at school there are tons of toys vying for his attention.) But then when he got home from school, he was so sick. He had a little fever. So we stayed home. I was very disappointed. I had hoped to help make my grandma's day special. Everyone deserves a special birthday! Sparrow even cried "but Mommy, if we don't visit today, it won't be Grandma's birthday anymore! She needs to have us with her on her birthday so it will be fun!"

IMG_1475 (2)

I guarantee, little Sparrow, if you give her your germs and she gets sick, she will never forgive you for this birthday present. NEVER.


I love my grandma so much. She is my second mom. I lived with her (and my mom and aunt) until I was 3 and I still remember it. I used to stay over at her house every weekend until I was 14 to give my parents a break from me. I grew up with her as a very strong influence in my life, and I am so grateful for it. If I hadn't had my grandma I truly don't know if I would be here today. Sometimes I didn't do things because I knew she wouldn't approve (or I did things because I knew she would.) She supported me when I needed it most - she's still my biggest fan, and one of the only people I have ever let read my first novel (because it's just so bad.)

photo (3)

My grandma and I are kindred spirits, buddies and pals, two peas from the same pod. We have the same wacky sense of humor. She likes to make me fix her computer and I like to laugh at with her. We have our own special language - sometimes Grandma can't think of the words she is trying to say, so she draws a picture with her hands. And I get it every single time. Everyone else just looks at her and thinks she is loony. (Which she is, let's be honest.) The other day I was talking to Hawk, and I couldn't think of the word so I started drawing a picture. Hawk rolled his eyes and said "I'm not your grandma! I don't know what you're doing!"

My wacky grandma and mom in 2009.

Grandma is an amazing example to me. She raised my mom and aunt by herself and went back to school to get her Master's degree in teaching so she could support her family. She joined the church as an adult and has the strongest testimony of anyone I've ever met. Don't let that fool you - she has a wicked sense of humor and a rebellious streak as long as she is tall (and she is tall!) but she tries her best to behave herself when she has to :)

100_1235 Great-Grandma and Sparrow on his due date.

Sparrow's original due date was March 10, 2008. I wanted so badly for him to be born on March 5th! What an amazing present for my grandma, and what a fun thing for both of them to share a birthday. But he had his own ideas. My grandma was the first person I called when I was admitted to the hospital. She was the first person in my family to meet little Sparrow. After he was born and in the NICU, she flew to Arkansas and moved in with us. She cleaned my house from top to bottom and scrubbed it till it sparkled. (It was really dirty, because I was so sick I couldn't do more than the bare bones job and even that got overlooked once I was put on bed rest.) She fed us, helped me learn how to take care of Sparrow, and put up with all of us.

photo (2)
Grandma and me in 1986

Don't get me wrong - she's not perfect. She has had a computer since 2001 and still can't figure out how to use the Internet (she also still uses dial-up, which makes her frustrated because it's so slow, but she won't shell out more than $10 a month for the Internet so she can't upgrade. Gah!!) She can be VERY BOSSY just like my mom. She's more subtle about her bossiness, but it's still there. Sometimes she goes to the drive-thru at Wendy's and orders a "Carl's Jr." She can't spell to save her life. Sometimes she tells my mom and aunt that I stole her Lortab and am a drug addict. (thanks Grandma!)

HPIM0783 Four generations in 2008

My grandma was my first best friend. She has always taken care of me even when I didn't deserve it. She is my defense when I need her, even though standing up to my mom is really scary. She is my refuge. I don't know what I would do without her. I love her so much. I am so grateful that I have been able to be so close to her throughout my life. She is the best grandma anyone could ever ask for. She is the kindest, most patient person I know. She is beautiful. And her house smells amazing all the time. Oh, and she's the only person I will ever happily talk to on the phone. I HATE phones, but I can talk to my grandma for 2-5 hours a week without issues. She's the only person I ever call, and it is awesome.

At our family's sealing in June 2012.

Sparrow loves his great grandma Dian too. I LOVE that we are so young in our family. I love that my grandma will likely meet her great-great grandchildren. I love that she is so active and fun to be around. Shopping with her is one of my favorite things ever. I hope that someday Sparrow can have the kind of relationship with my mom that I have with my mom's mom, but somehow I doubt it. Because I don't think anyone could ever be as close as my grandma and I are. We are twins, only 40 years apart.

IMG_1460 Four generations in 2012

Happy birthday Grandma. I love you more than I can ever say.


(Even when you look like this)

1 comments to Kindred Spirits:

Paul Fiscus said...

I'm so touched on how you describe your grandma. Through your words, I can say that she's such an amazing woman. And I must agree that our grandmas are our best friend. They are the ones who could actually understand the mishaps in our lives. Not that our mothers don't, but because they are the ones who are experienced enough to depict each colors of summer in our lives.