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BYU Women's Conference!

26 April 2013
It's that time of year again! BYU Women's Conference approaches. I am so excited. I love attending every year. This will be my fourth year in a row and my fifth year overall. Every year I learn something new and something I desperately need. Every year I have a great experience, make new friends, and feel closer to my Heavenly Father. And every year, I get a little glimpse at my divine potential (which somehow manages to stay hidden from me pretty well the rest of the time, darn it.)

Check out who I met last year! This is Rosemary Wixom, current President in the General Primary Presidency! (I was a little starstruck, but she was so sweet. It was so cool to meet her.)

Rosemary Wixom and Me

I'm a little sad, because I have been able to volunteer as a hostess at Women's Conference every year since 2009. This will be the first year that I attend as a "regular person" and not as a volunteer. Volunteering in the past has been the highlight of my year more than once. I love serving the wonderful attendees and making friends with my fellow hostesses. I hope I can help those around me this year anyway, even if it's not in an official capacity. And I hope someday, I will get put on a permanent volunteer list so I don't have to harass BYU to let me volunteer every year!

Are you going to Women's Conference? What classes are you planning on attending? Are you as excited as I am?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just freakin' love Women's Conference so much I had to spread the word on my own tiny corner of the Internet.

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