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23 April 2013
It's official! I finished my final final today and with that, my first semester on BYU campus draws to a close.

I'm both thrilled and devastated. I can't lie. I've bawled more than once over the fact that the semester is over. I won't get to see some of my friends again, or have classes with them, or take classes from at least 2 of my teachers ever again. That sucks.

But I'm also SO EXCITED. I. Did. It. I didn't know if I could handle school. I didn't know if I could do the anxiety and the people and the pressure and the work the homework the WORK and the tests and the quiz and the AWFUL QUIZZES OF NIGHTMARES. While also trying to raise a Sparrow and keep a Hawk happy.

But. I. Did.

It's funny, because the class I thought I would love (Critical Literary Theory) I turned out to not like very much at all. It was too abstract and not enough practical application for me. The class I thought I would hate (Linguistics, which was super hard at the beginning) I ended up really enjoying and even being fascinated by some of the subject matter. I'm even considering going a bit further in Linguistics, possibly even changing over to the English Language major.

It doesn't actually matter so much what I get my degree in. My goal is just to get a degree. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up, but the dream I've had my whole life is to be a writer, so that's the general area I am aiming toward. But I'm also now considering getting my Master's in Library Science. Because it would be so cool to be a librarian.

One of my grades posted today. In my Doctrine and Covenants (religion) class, I got 121/130 possible points. Which means I got a 93% overall, which is either an A or an A-! The only reason I was able to get this grade is because my teacher took serious pity on me and allowed me to retake one quiz. Just retaking that quiz brought my grade from a B to an A. It was a very hard class though - people think religion courses are easy peasy, but I found out that that's not necessarily the case. The quizzes for D&C were the hardest quizzes I took in any class this semester, and there were 6 quizzes.

I could go on about this for years, but I'll just end by saying: This was one of the highlights of my life, and I am so, so glad Hawk didn't let me drop out. I can't wait for fall semester to start!

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4 comments to Completion:

Allison said...

Look at you and how LOVELY you look. And HAPPY.


TopHat said...

Go you! That's awesome!

K La said...


K La said...