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20 May 2013
I keep feeling guilty for neglecting my tiny little blog. So here is what's new in our corner of the universe.

The biggest, best news first. On the one year anniversary of us losing our beautiful townhome (remember the angst? If not, you can revisit it here) we found out that we are going to be able to build a new, all for us house! Hawk and I can't believe it. We had tentatively hoped that it would be possible, but both of us thought that we'd have to do some kind of credit repair/counseling and wait for 6 months for our credit to come back up to a reasonable number. But the builder we are working with took a letter of explanation (we explained just why our credit is so bad - mostly due to the ridiculous amount of medical debt we built up and have slammed away at) and said we were good. Us! Good!!!! What!

The news couldn't have come at a better time. Our lease is up at the end of this month and we weren't sure where to go. Do we stay in Draper, which we adore but it's pricey here, and have me continue to commute daily to Provo for school? Or do we move to Provo, where it's cheaper but also ... not Draper... and have Hawk commute while I walk to school? And what of Sparrow's school? He was accepted to a behavioral kindergarten in our school district, which we think will give him one year boost of extra help so that he can matriculate into public school in first grade.

Our landlords have jerked us around, telling us they were going to raise our rent, then saying they wanted to sell... it was just a nightmare. This place, we call it the Slanty Shanty, has never felt like home to us. We will definitely not be sad to leave it. We have a great neighborhood and I feel bad for making Sparrow leave the first neighborhood friends he's ever made, but... he's as excited as we are. Our floor plan is called the "Hickory," so Sparrow calls our new home "The Hickory Dickory Dock House." I think I'm going to have to buy a grandfather clock, oh yes I am.

We have our date to pick out everything (floor, paint colors, counters, etc) later this week. Our move-in date isn't until September, but we're so excited and I think knowing that our time at the Slanty Shanty has an expiration date will make this summer so much easier to bear.

We are building in a brand new master-planned community in Bluffdale. It's right across the freeway from where we are now, so it's not like it's a huge move. (Hawk says it's about 2 miles away.) The community, eventually, will have 1900 homes, trails, parks and even an elementary school. I will be sad to leave my precious Draper, but we're just across the street, really. And it's going to be so cool to be part of a community from its birth.

The other big news is school. I survived my first semester at BYU and I passed with flying colors! At the beginning of the semester, I thought for sure I would fail but I didn't care. I just wanted a chance to go to school. And then I got my grades in and I can't believe it. I did WELL. I brought my GPA from a 1.93 to a 2.93 in one semester. I even got a B in Spanish, which was my hardest class. (My other B was in my Critical Literary Theory class.) In linguistics, violin and my religion classes, I got A's. The religion class was a hard-won A too. I have never studied like I studied for that class. Whew.

Sparrow is doing great at his school too. We are hoping that he will be able to continue on his medication over the summer. It makes such a difference in his ability to concentrate and follow directions. He's not perfect, and he's still not "normal," but he's closer than he was at this time a year ago. Sparrow recently started violin lessons and he loves it but I have a hard time reminding him to practice, so that has to improve. He also takes a ballet class which ends tomorrow (thank goodness. I can't stand ballet, and I don't think he particularly cares what class he takes as long as he can interact with other kids.) Today Sparrow read his first word on his own - "big." We were in the store and he pointed and said "Mom, that says BIG." And I looked and sure enough! He's been spelling words on his own for the last two weeks - my favorites are the ones he gets wrong. "shef," "qub" (for cube), and "qut" (cute). He can spell zip, cat, bat, boat, ship, sheep, log...well, he can spell a lot.

Hawk turned 30 last month and that was pretty exciting. I am grateful to have such a patient, long-suffering husband. He puts up with so much from both me and Sparrow and he is always very steady and calm about what we do to him. Even if we are prematurely making him gray-haired, he doesn't mind (mostly because he can't see the gray hair yet...)

3 comments to Updates:

Bad Dad said...

After reading your paper I just had to know more so I read your latest post. It was so much fun to learn more of your Sparrows and Hawks. :-) I have great admiration for you and hope that my test treats you kindly--knowing that you aced your last religion class!

Ye ole prof

Carolina said...


Many great news! Sad I won't have a new neighbor here in good ol' Provo, but it sounds like the adventures will be fantastic up there. I hope everything is going wonderfully these Spring days. ps. Sparrow and you are the best two things! BESOS y un abracísimo.

LCannon said...