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Goodbye Google Reader

09 June 2013
Follow my blog with Bloglovin

If you've never used Google Reader, consider yourself lucky. Google Reader was the first RSS feed reader that I understood, and thus I was a loyal fan of it. No more did I have to bookmark every blog I loved, and go through an ominously looonnggggg Bookmarks folder every day to read all the blogs I read. No. Google Reader brought me instantaneous blog updates, from all the blogs I loved, any of the blogs I loved, all on one beautifully organized page. It was bliss.

Then they smashed my hopes and dreams a few months ago by announcing that they are closing it down. NO MORE BLOGS FOR YOU, LOSER. I wish I had never found them, because every other service I found just didn't compare.

After the announcement, I immediately started looking for a new Feed Reader. My husband stalwartly stuck with Google Reader out of loyalty, but I jumped from the sinking ship to brave the waters below.

Alas, I landed on Feedly. Which is the Feed Reader equivalent of a great white shark. It looks good, and it's supposedly done by someone who worked with Google Reader before, but once you get into the system you realize that it kind of sucks. I found Feedly to be wildly unintuitive and for someone who wants to put no effort into her blog reading, that was not good. I started avoiding reading my favorite blogs for weeks at a time, just because this reader drove me so nuts.

Last week my friend Cocoa at Chocolate on my Cranium wrote about Bloglovin', a Feed Reader she's found. I checked it out because nothing could be worse than Feedly, and to my surprise and joy - Bloglovin' ROCKS. Bloglovin' saved me from the Feedly shark. I think I actually like it better than Google, at this point. Very intuitive and easy to use, very clean and well designed, and lots of options for reading now/later/Thursday/keep it new/etc/have it emailed to you, etc.

So now I am a bloglovin' convert, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is also in mourning over the loss of Google Reader. Just keep swimmin', my Reader loving amigos.

(And if you like Feedly, we can still be friends. It just wasn't for me at all. Shudder.)

1 comments to Goodbye Google Reader:

Anna Marie said...

Wow! I haven't been on blogger for a while and I am trying to find my list of blogs...maybe that is why I can't find hardly anyone now! Bah!