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LDS / Mormon Boy Bedroom Decor

06 June 2013
I've posted about this before, but I thought I would add some updated pictures of Sparrow's bedroom. We've lived here for a year now and this is still my favorite room in the house (and, possibly, my favorite decorating thing I've ever done in my life!)

The room in question is for this boy right here:


My very most favoritest boy in the whole world. Also my favorite 5 year old ever.


The little side wall there is decorated with art I found on the Internet for free. The small pictures are from the Friend magazine. Now, let's go into his room...


This poster is directly across from his door. It is a poster with all the temples in the world as of April 2012. It has ones that have been announced and ones that are under construction on it too (those are my favorite; they show a little picture of missionaries with a golden shovel.) Underneath the poster are his bookshelves, which are IKEA Bekvam spice racks painted brown.


Now if you'll please turn to your left you will see Sparrow's bed, which is an IKEA Kura bed. I painted the shelves dark brown and then I used scrapbook paper to disguise the ugly blue panels. It was really simple (though time consuming) - just take your scrapbook paper of choice, cut it to fit, and Mod-Podge it onto the bed. The best thing about this is that I can update it whenever I want. The worst thing is that sometimes Sparrow does mess with it and it rips. We've had a Serious Talk about not messing with his bed though, and I bought lots of extra paper to replace ripped panels in case we have another Serious Incident.


The pictures of the Book of Mormon prophets are from this Etsy shop. The seller is really great to work with and I can't recommend her enough. I actually love her girl pictures more than the boy ones, but I don't have a girl (darn it!) We have another 3 prophet pictures that we don't have room for on the wall, so sometimes we switch out the pictures.



This is my pride and joy of the bedroom. I love it so much. I bought a 6' National Geographic map from eBay ($12), then ordered vinyl lettering from a store in our mall (but you could get it anywhere, in any color and in any font.) That cost $20. Then I bought some crown molding from Home Depot ($5), cut the corners at an angle, painted it the same brown as his bed/shelves and nailed it to the wall over the map borders. It seriously looks just like a picture frame. I can't believe how amazing this thing turned out. In this picture I wonder if I should have painted the frame black to match the other two frames, but the frame matches the bed, so it works out I guess.

I had the two bordering pictures taken last year at Fotofly. Sparrow is wearing his daddy's missionary nametag in them. Someday he will have his own Elder Sparrow nametag, but that won't be for another 15 years :)


This is a shadowbox I made of Sparrow's newborn things. I used the same scrapbook paper as the bed to tie it together. The frame is a shadowbox I got at Jo-Ann's for $15. It was white, so I spray painted it black to match the room. Way easy. The items in his shadowbox are my favorite of his preemie outfits, his hospital bracelet, the nametag that went on his incubator, and a Valentine a sweet nurse made to put on his incubator since he was in the NICU through Valentine's Day. Of course we had to include a preemie diaper just to remind us how small he was (4 lbs 3 oz.) And the two pictures are the ones the hospital gave me while I was waiting to meet him (since I didn't get to see him in person till he was 3 days old.)


This is the view of the right side of the room. The small pictures are of Christ with children, and one of Sparrow looking up at the temple. That one was taken at our sealing last year.

Moroni 4 copy

I think it's important to have pictures of Christ in our homes to remind us of Him, and I think it's important to have pictures of the temple in our homes to remind us about the covenants that we have made (or will make someday.) I love that the temple picture here isn't just something bought from the store - it is a real, personal picture. Sparrow remembers it being taken. He is involved in it. It's not just something to look at, it's a memory. I would encourage anyone to take their child to the temple and make it a fun (but reverent and sacred) experience and get some pictures to put up around your house. That way your child associates good memories with the temple.

I bought the growth chart at a craft fair last year. I love it because it can move with us wherever we go. And it is neutral so I can use it wherever we go!

The thing I love about this room the most? It's not age specific. If I had done his bedroom in forest animals like I originally planned, he'd have been over his obsession with them in 6 months. He's not going to grow out of the decor like he would if I decorated his room in Star Wars (though I dearly love Star Wars.) This decor will last till he's 8 or 10, then really, I just update the Book of Mormon prophet pictures to different, adult-er church pictures, and take out the temples of the world poster, and bam - slightly new look, same theme, everything else still fits.

And that is your tour of my favorite room ever. It cost me less than $100 to make. It is the only thing I will miss about this house when we move, and I hope I can figure out how to incorporate some of this design into Sparrow's new (much smaller) bedroom. If you have any questions please ask. I love this room and like to talk about it!

And because I like house tours, you've made it this far, so I might as well show you the only existing photograph of my clean bedroom. Check out the lack of laundry piles! That lasted for all of 3 seconds. Ta-da!


6 comments to LDS / Mormon Boy Bedroom Decor :

Lisa said...

That is such a great boys bedroom! I love it...He will definitely be thinking of a mission as he gets older.

LCannon said...

that is such a great idea! Nice going Kris. I like the generic theme and saving money

Mrs. Small House said...

Wow. Tell me Sparrow's room isn't always that clean and you just threw a big mess into his closet for the pictures. PLEASE tell me that.
Oh and they are, of course AMAZING!

Kestrel said...

Bahaha, Sparrow's closet is stuffed full of stuff because it's one of our main storage areas. His room is usually pretty clean because he doesn't have many toys up there. I keep most of his toys on the main level of the house so that when he plays he does it within my field of vision. I'm sneaky like that.

However, my room is ALWAYS a disaster and I never make my bed and I'm basically a housekeeping failure on that area. Sad.

Amelia Loken said...

Love Sparrow's bedroom!!! It is totally fab! I have five boys...and alas nothing nearly so cool! We have some posters and stuff, but you have inspired me to go beyond the Hobbit and Capt. America posters and the one Moroni pic and do something grand and awesome.

Thanks so much for sharing!!!

Nau Ohana said...

I love this!!! Thank you for sharing. I will be doing something similar in my boys room. Thanks for the inspiration. Great motivation to help them prepare mentally to serve a mission. BTW, did you have your map laminated? I think I'll also be putting pictures of family with pins of where they have served missions. Just thought I'd share:).