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That beautiful boy

12 July 2013
This boy has captured my heart forever.


We've been going through some rough days lately. Sparrow has discovered that he likes mouthing off to Hawk and me, and that's never good. Poor Sparrow. He knows how to be good, he just can't make his ADHD/PDDNOS brain obey him.


Sparrow started violin lessons back in May. He's so ridiculously musical and always has been that I figured it was time we got him in SOMETHING. And it works well, because I am also learning the violin, so he can learn right alongside me. His sense of pitch is crazy - always SPOT ON. I love that. And I love that he's so smart. (I also kind of hate that too because I can't get away with much any more. He's starting to be able to spell, so I can't even spell out words for Hawk thinking that Sparrow won't be able to figure out what we're talking about!)

I love the concentration on his face here.

Sparrow's a good kid. I'm still intimidated by this parenting thing, and boy is he a hard kid to parent. But I think, with God helping me and Hawk's support and LOTS of Diet Coke and patience, I'll be able to teach him what he needs to know before he heads out into the big scary world. You know, in 13 years or so.

In the meantime, I'll enjoy moments like this one:


Family squishes!

These pictures were all taken at Camera Shy, a fantastic and reasonably priced photography studio located in Lehi, Utah. If you're in the area (or near West Jordan! They're opening a new location!) I cannot recommend these guys enough. Their pictures are great, they are phenomenal with the kiddos, and their print quality is some of the best I've ever seen. Check them out - you won't regret it!

Especially if you visit them during Easter. They have baby bunnies.


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