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Big day

25 August 2013
My baby is starting kindergarten tomorrow.


I can't even believe it.


I have looked forward to this day for 5 years. Now it's here and I ... don't think I'm ready. I'm not ready to have a kindergartener. I'm not ready to have a child in real school. This is terrifying.


He can handle it. He's brilliant and he's sociable and he's ready. But I will miss him.


This is the beginning, isn't it? Where I start learning how to let him go by degrees. First step kindergarten, next step college.


He's going to have a blast. And starting next week, I'll be able to come home and compare my school day with his. I may not be ready for Sparrow to be in kindergarten, but I'm sure ready for my Fall semester to start up!


2 comments to Big day:

Carolina said...

wow. i can't believe it or that school is about to begin again. sparrow is my favorite ever. really. ps. you TWO are very CUTE lil students. :). BESOS.

Whitney Johnson said...

I love this! I felt the same way when Kaya started Kindergarten and then again in first grade... I have a feeling that this will be a reoccurring theme in my life. :)