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New homes, new kittens, new news!

06 August 2013
Well, this summer has been kind of nutty. Sparrow and I dropped out of school for the summer term so we could spend more time together. And I'm glad we did. I needed a break (though now I am starting to get really bored) and I think I will appreciate fall semester much more having taken one.

Our house was FINALLY started! Our builders said they would start digging the hole for it way back in the beginning of June. They lied. Our foundation was dug out on July 25th. Now, August 6th, we have a foundation AND a basement! Personally, I think it's because I went in and yelled at them on July 21. We had some drama with our landlords putting our current place up for sale and it's been frustrating, but since they've priced this home $30K MORE than the next cheapest home in our subdivision (which happens to be slightly bigger and nicer on the inside than this place anyway) I am not worried any more.

July 25

August 1

In other news, we adopted a new family member!


Meet Haiku!

Haiku is 12 weeks old and one of the most cuddly kittens I have ever met. She loves being held and can't stand to be alone. She meows and cries if we leave her alone, even just if we are upstairs and she's not. She's pretty ridiculous. Sparrow loves her and she's fit into the family very well.

Speaking of family, this week I got to get pictures done with my siblings. These are the first pictures we've had taken in 2+ years since my brother has been off on his mission.

Ah, siblings. Some things never change.

And I got to go hang out with my sisters at Lagoon last week. Which was epic and awesome. I'm grateful that I live so close to my family. I don't know how I would bug them enough otherwise!


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