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Twenty Seven

06 November 2013
It is my birthday! November 6! 6 November! I love my birthday because it rhymes. 11/6/86. It just has a rhythm to it. Hawk and my anniversary has the same thing goin' on. I'm weird with dates. It's a quirk. Which brings me to the point of this post!

27 Awesome Things About Me!

In an effort to cheer myself up after this wretched week's beginning (note: still no house, pharmacy lost a very important prescription I need, I had to drop another class), I am going to wax poetic about my own awesomeness. Hey, at least I'm telling you up front so you can skip to the next blog in your feed. Here we go:

  1. I'm a Scorpio
  2. A Scorpio born in the year of the Tiger, which means I am EXTRA passionate and...
  3. Born under the FIRE sign (Chinese astrology) which means I am also EXTRA FIERY AND TIGERLIKE.
  4. I died when I was born. But I got better.
  5. Up till I turned 17, I was convinced I would die before I turned 16. I was a morbid child.
  6. I was an AWESOME morbid child.
  7. I read obscenely fast. I finished the last Harry Potter in 3.5 hours.
  8. I have a good ear for music and can pick out the harmony to sing pretty well
  9. I taught myself to play the harmonica
  10. I chose on my own to go back to school and
  11. I am learning how important education is to me.
  12. I have an amazing internship that I love and would do for free every day forever.
  13. Although they cannot see well, my eyes are very pretty and I pride myself in having blue/green/gray/with yellow flecks and one brown dot colored eyes.
  14. I am full of snark.
  15. I got a perfect score on the English section of the ACT
  16. If you tell me your birthday I will NEVER forget it. I accidentally memorize dates.
  17. I have written 4 novels. They are terrible, but I wrote them.
  18. Those who I love, I love fiercely.
  19. I love my short, spiky hair. I will NEVER have long hair.
  20. I decided I wanted to learn to play the violin, so I did.
  21. I decided to track down my birth family, and I did.
  22. When I love something, I collect facts about that something until I know mostly everything. I can regale you with facts about wolves, horses, TV shows/movies, and books I love for hours on end.
  23. I have an undying devotion to Grumpy Cat.
  24. I kind of turned out to be the witty class clown... and I'm okay with that.
  25. I taught myself to knit by using the Internet, Diet Coke and swear words.
  26. I have a ridiculously awesome sense of smell.
  27. I am living a life I never would have imagined for myself. And I love it. I never thought I would get married. I never even thought I'd have a boyfriend. I knew, from the time I was tiny up till I was 19, that I would become a veterinarian and a writer and live alone on a farm with a horse and a dog but no family. And here I am - married, a mom, and not even close to the level of education I thought I'd have by now. And also 3 cats. And I am having a blast. I wouldn't change a thing - except I'd maybe be a real writer by now. That would be good.

Every year since 2005, as the clock turns from 11:59 on 5 Nov to 12:00 on 6 Nov, I play Blackout by Muse (one of my favorite bands.) It's a good way to honor the moment I become just a little bit older. It's a slow, contemplative song - and there are few things I love more than moments of deep contemplation on life, the universe, and everything. Enjoy.

Losing It

03 November 2013
Would that I had good news. If only I could post thousands of pictures about my glorious new home.

Alas, we are still in the Slanty Shanty. Our closing date has been moved back yet again. From September 20th, to October 24. Then October 30. Now it's November 5. Our loan has been approved. We have done the final walkthrough and our house is ready. I don't understand the hold up, but it's making all of us very sad.

With any luck, though, November 5 will really be the day. And then I will get the keys on my 27th birthday.


It sounds so much older than 26. I'll be in my late twenties instead of my mid twenties. Scary. But 26 was a good year for me. I went back to school and aced two semesters. (Seriously, my grades were great. I showed myself that I still have some intelligence left in my dusty old brain.) We visited Disneyland. Bought a house (maybe.) Got a second car. Did 9,000,000 loads of laundry. Went off a medication I've been on since 2009. (Then went back on the medication, but at least I know it's definitely necessary and not just a habit.) Got the world's most amazing internship. Finally figured out what I want to be when I grow up! (Dude, that's a huge deal. I've been at a loss since I graduated high school nine years ago.)

What am I going to do with 27?

My biggest priority, I think, is going to be losing weight and getting healthier. I have a lot of work to do there. I've been obese for 19 years and I don't know what it means to be healthy (or thin. I recognize they are not necessarily the same, but I treat them like they are in my little head.) I realize I'm not going to start running marathons over night. But I am going to continue revamping my diet. Hawk has lost almost 30 lbs since July by following the Paleo method of eating. I'm going to be trying to follow either Paleo or Slow-Carb; I haven't decided which.

I need to do this. I don't want to enter my 30s at the same weight I am now. It'll take me the next 3 years to get down to my goal weight if I do it the healthy way. Of course I am always, always tempted to go back to bulimia. It's so much easier and so much faster. But I'm already messed up enough. I don't need to mess up my body worse with disordered eating. Again. And anyway, my body has been protesting lately. It wants to be healthy. My knees hurt all the time and I know losing weight will help. I want to be strong and I want to be able to chase Sparrow without passing out. I want to be able to walk up the stairs (195 of them) on campus without having an asthma attack at the top.

I think that will be my main goal this year. Other smaller goals will be: finish Suzuki Book 1 for violin, start editing one of my novels to submit for publication, do more laundry and be awesome at it, rock at school some more. Figure out how to become what I want to be when I grow up - an editor at a publishing company.

So, friends in the Internet, everyone cross your fingers that we will actually be able to leave the Slanty Shanty this week. Our Hickory House awaits us and we are pining desperately for it. Let this be the week - the week I get a house for my 27th birthday.