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Santa Pictures 2013

17 December 2013
We have finally moved into our new home and we love it and it's amazing, but no pictures yet. So instead, enjoy these Christmas pictures. As always, these are done by Fotofly. Man, we love those Fotofly Photo Folks.





This one is my favorite. The man in the photograph is my grandfather, who passed away in September. He was a professional Santa for many years and a fantastic one. Sparrow actually has no idea that this photo of his Papa Dan. He thinks it's just a picture of Santa Claus. Sparrow and my grandpa had a very cute relationship - Grandpa would always say "You are my special boy." Sparrow was the first great-grandchild, and I'm glad he got to know his Papa for 5 years.


Hawk got to wear the Santa suit this year.


Here we are together. Happy Christmas!

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