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A memorial, a hike, and a wedding.

10 June 2014
I'm finally starting to figure out my (not so new anymore) camera. I've had it for 6 months now, so it's about time! I've decided to post some random pictures from the last few weeks.   So much has happened!

We had our first Memorial Day where there was someone's grave to visit (my grandfather; Dan Reeder is sorely missed.)  His gravestone was placed very recently, so the whole family got together to visit the grave.  While we were there, one of the 18-22 year old boys (I'm not sure who, or how old they really were!) started singing "How Great Thou Art."  Then we all started singing it.  The Reeder family is extremely musically gifted, so it was a beautiful rendition.  And a fitting tribute to my grandfather, who was one of the first to sing that hymn in the Tabernacle after it was added to the hymnbook.

Sparrow investigating a grave.
My grandfather's grave.  I miss him so much. 

In happier news, Sparrow graduated from kindergarten!  He will be in mainstream first grade next year.  We call it mainstream - most people just think of it as "normal" school.  Sparrow has been in a diagnostic kindergarten which only has children with disabilities.  His classroom had nonverbal children, children with Downs Syndrome, children with low-functioning autism, children with high-functioning autism.  Sparrow was very likely the highest functioning autistic child in the classroom.  Most people do not realize he is autistic, because he can seem 100% normal when you first meet him.  But often he has emotional meltdowns and that's where the autism comes in.  He functions more on the emotional level of a 3 year old, while he's on the intellectual level of an 8 or 9 year old.  It's crazy.  But we're excited to have him be mainstreamed, and in a school which is close to our house!  The diagnostic kindergarten was about 30 minutes away by car - the school bus took even longer.

Sparrow's graduation.
We went on a fun hike last week!  We visited Sundance resort and tried hiking to Stewart Falls.  We hiked halfway there and then discovered that the trail was closed because of snow.  But at least we had a beautiful 4 hours outside!  It was seriously absolutely gorgeous, and Sparrow hiked like a little ninja.  

Sparrow-Ninja on a log. 

Hawk was also a hiking ninja.  

We also had an addition to the family!  My brother Peregrine was married on June 6 to a beautiful young woman from Layton, Utah, who we will call Robin (going with the bird theme and all.)  I absolutely adore her - she is freakishly gorgeous, for one thing (wavy red hair, man, and beautiful creamy skin with freckles.  I'm so jealous.)  She is also a huge fan of all the nerdy things I am a huge fan of, so I can tell we will get along very well.  She's going to make my brother watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer, so that right there tells me that she is, in fact, the perfect woman.  

Anyway, Peregrine and Robin invited Sparrow to be their ring bearer.  He thought he was going to be a ring bear, and wondered aloud when I was going to get him his bear costume. He also practiced his roar for growling at the bride and groom.  He was slightly disappointed when I corrected him, but Robin and I came up with the idea to have him carry a teddy bear with the rings tied to it.  It worked out perfectly.  AND!  Sparrow was an absolute ANGEL the entire time - during the ceremony he stood stock-still, handed over the rings without complaining, arguing, or doing other Sparrow-like things, then during the dinner he was well behaved, and he played and danced during the reception (with only two meltdowns, but we forgave him those because he'd been amazing the rest of the day, particularly while it was very important.)  Whew!  I can't wait to see the real wedding photos, but I snapped some with my iPhone and with my camera for funsies.  

Trying on his wedding outfit.
During the ceremony, being the perfect ring "bear"er.

Sparrow adores his Nana with all his tiny heart.  

Dancing with Nana during the reception. 

Uncle Peregrine carved his and his wife's first name initials into this tree, but they just so happen to be  Peregrine and Sparrow's first initials too.  Booyah.  
This is for you, Peregrine.  And for Robin too.
I figured I should probably add a picture of me on my blog somewhere.  So here it is, a selfie snapped while Hawk drove us to some random location.  Bam. 
And I just posted this one because it amuses me.  I hope it amuses you too.  And if it does, you're welcome.  

1 comments to A memorial, a hike, and a wedding. :

Hannah Richins Beck said...

I love the update! WOW, P got married....crazy! He is still like a 12 yr old in my mind. Miss you! Would like to catch up sometime with you.