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What It's Like to Have a Seizure

11 September 2015
I don't know about you, but I'm always morbidly curious about people's experiences and thoughts while they're going through medical things.  I like to know "what was your last thought before you went under anesthesia?" and "how did it feel when ______ happened?"

I am here to disappoint you.

I had a seizure on Tuesday.  Three days ago.  Hawk and I had just come back from meeting Sparrow's new German teacher.  I was in a good mood because our friends were coming over; it was our weekly game night and I was making dinner for us.  I had just put the casserole in the oven.  Sparrow was chatting to our friend Brad in the living room.  Hawk and our married friends Abby and Aaron were setting up the table.

The next thing I remember is a paramedic standing over me.  He asked me what day it was and I said it was Monday.  "No, wait, it's Tuesday," I corrected.  "Labor Day always throws me off."  Apparently I also answered my age wrong - I said 26, I'm 28.  The paramedic asked me a bunch of questions but those are the only two I remember.

They had me sit up and checked my pulse, my heart rate, my oxygen levels, my glucose levels.  I remember being thrilled because my glucose levels weren't anywhere near pre-diabetic and I've been worried about that this summer.  My blood pressure and heart rate were very, very high.  They wanted me to go to the hospital, but I didn't want to go.  I didn't want to make Sparrow sit in the ER with us for 8 hours again and I wanted to get back to playing our game.  So I told them that those numbers were normal for me, and that we'd see my doctor tomorrow, and I was fine thank you.  I signed a paper to that effect and they left.

That's when I learned that Abby and Aaron had taken Sparrow home with them.

So Hawk told me what happened from his perspective.

"You made a funny noise in your throat, like you were trying to scare the cat away, and I looked over and you had your arms straight out in front of you.  You started to come forward but you fell back and slammed into the counter.  I thought you slipped and I was coming over to help you up, but then I realized ... so I told Brad to call 911 and tried talking to you and you wouldn't respond.  Sparrow ran over and he was crying and freaking out so Abby got him.  You were turning blue and I was getting ready to start artificial respiration.  Then your body relaxed a little bit and you started talking to us. You were groggy and your eyes were closed, it was like you were on Ambien, but you were coherent.  You told Sparrow you were okay and he calmed down and left.  Then the paramedics walked in and touched you on the shoulder and it was pretty obvious that was when you really woke up."

So, that happened.  I'm pretty sure I know why this happened too, but I've been banned from driving until I see a neurologist.  So I had to withdraw from BYU today and I'm pretty upset about it.  I'm just so bored when I'm not in school and the next 4 months are looming in front of me and making me sick to think about.

When I fell during the seizure, I hurt my ankle.  It's not broken, but the ligament or tendon might be busted.  So I'm on bed rest until Sunday and then I have to wear this huge black walking cast for at least 2 weeks, including when I'm sleeping.  It's not awesome.

So I've done the seizure thing and I can tell you I don't recommend it.  It's pretty boring during the actual seizure because you're basically asleep.  And then there's a whole host of issues to deal with upon regaining consciousness.  Avoid at all costs.

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