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The Fall Curse

19 September 2016
For as long as I've been in college, I've been afflicted by the Fall Curse. It is a curse that means that I have never been able to complete a Fall semester. This is the fifth Fall semester I've been enrolled in. The previous four were ended by a suicide attempt (2004), blood pressure getting dangerously high (2013), surgery complications (2014), and a seizure (2015.)

On the same day I started school, Hawk came home from work and informed me that he was being "asked to resign." I can't really go into details, but trust me, I would like to.

That triggered a flare-up of this sickness I've been dealing with for a while, which leaves me in bed for a week too tired and in pain to do much. Hawk and I went to see a specialist for this sickness, which was diagnosed as (probably) fibromyalgia.

The good news is that now that I have a likely diagnosis, I also have treatment options. The bad news is, it's fibromyalgia. I've just been diagnosed with an incurable disease. It's pretty awful, I'm not going to lie.

So clearly the Fall Curse isn't done with me yet. It's trying its best to strike me down, but it doesn't understand something: if I don't complete this semester, I will be dead. That's right. I either finish this semester or I literally die trying. Take that, Fall Curse. I'm done with you.